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2016 Hwa Kang International Conference on English Language & Literature

Presentation PowerPoint files

  1. Keynote Speech: The Efficient 21st Century Classroom: Making Technology Integrated, Relevant, and Engaging for Teachers and Students (PPTX, 5 MB)
  2. Presentation: What makes an online professional development session effective? A study of ESL teachers’ technology integration (PPTX, 1.5 MB)

Online Tools / Websites for Technology Integration

Assessment or Engagement Tools

Collaboration & Sharing Tools

  • Lino (Online collaboration sticky note tool)
  • Padlet (Create a digital wall where you can place and rearrange notes, photos, videos, and more) – Classroom Uses
  • Google Drive (Create, share and collaborate on the web with documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more)
  • MediaFire (A free account lets you upload, store and share an unlimited amount of files under 100MB)

Educational Videos

Organization and Productivity Tools

Presentation & Photoshow Tools

Video & Image / Digital Storytelling Tools

Website & Blog Tools

Apps for ELS / English Language Teachers

Content Knowledge (CK)

Category Purpose Apps
  1. Writing pads
  2. Multipage electronic books
  3. Support tools
  1. Kids Doodle
  2. Educreation, Story Bird
  3. Notes, Google images, Dragon Dictation, Trading Cards
  1. Word sorting
  2. Spelling games
  1. iCard Sort
  2. Chicktionary, Word Zombie
  1. Games/practice
  1. ABC Magic, Phonics Awareness, Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe
  1. Audio recorders
  2. Timer
  1. AudioNote, Dragon Dictation, QuickVoice
  2. Clock/timer
  1. Engaging with words
  2. Reference tools
  3. Multipage vocabulary notebook
  1. Opposites, Mad Libs, Word to Word, iCard Sort, Word Dynamo
  2. Dictionary, Visual Thesaurus
  3. Moleskin Virtual Notebook
  1. Writing pads used for comprehension activities
  2. Supportive tools for comprehension
  3. Inferencing
  4. Reading connected texts
  1. Popplet, Educreation, Trading Cards, Graphic Organizer, Idea Sketch, Quizlet
  2. Safari, Google Images, camera for videotaping story parts
  3. Who Am I?
  4. Storia
Teacher Support
  1. Used by teachers
  1. Edmodo, Drop Box, Power Teacher, 3 Ring, Class Dojo, Facebook

Pedagogical/Technological Knowledge (PTK)

Popularity Type Example
#1 Drill and Practice Spelling, Sparklefish, Opposites
#2 Writing/Creating Content Pages, StoryBird, EverNote, TradingCards, Haiku Deck
#3 Teacher Utility Educreation, Timers, Edmodo, recorder, Nearpod, Class DoJo, DropBox
#4 Other Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Bing/Google Searches
#5 Story/Book Reading Storia, Toy Story, Curious George, Farfaria, Bible, Books, Pearson e-text
#6 Multiple Suite PBS Kids, Reading A-Z
#7 Draw/play DrawSoFree, KidDoodle
#8 Other Reading Activity MadLibs, Who Am I?
#9 Video/audio Video Star, YouTube, Camera/Video Recording
#10 “Mindless” Games TicTacToe, TempleRun, SubWay Surfer
#11 Reference Dictionary, Visual Thesaurus
#12 Graphics/Images Camera